A time for healing

We are living in such challenging times. The global pandemic, political divisiveness and rancor, killing of black and brown people and other forms of violence, the rise of extreme ideologies and their validation by powerful leaders in this country, the dramatic effects of climate change, and so much more. These stresses in our society and in our world impact all of us, in conscious and unconscious ways. More and more, to simply function in our daily lives, we may find ourselves having to numb some of our outrage, our fear, our deep concern for what is happening in the world around us.

We may also be dealing with challenges in our own personal lives: illness (either our own or of those we love), relationship issues, loneliness, financial worries, aging parents or troubled teens. Whatever may be causing us stress, we seek to find ways to calm our anxious nervous systems, to find balance and stability in an increasingly chaotic world. We need healing–healing of our physically and emotionally depleted bodies, and healing of our weary souls.

In recent years, I have been exploring the terrain of healing–from a variety of perspectives.

First, the work I’ve done (my own and with others) in Spiritual Direction or Companioning (see section Writings: https://rabbizariweiss.com/blog/) often leads to profound healing, although that is not its primary objective. But healing happens, as individuals are able to find authentic and meaningful ways to connect with G-d/The Great Mystery, with religious traditions (of birth or choice), with prayer and other spiritual practices.

Second, in my own life I have discovered the healing power of prayer. I love helping others access that healing power by making prayer in general, and the prayers of the Jewish liturgy in specific, a more authentic and meaningful expression of their own beliefs, values, and sensibilities. In this work, we explore how cultivating even a simple daily prayer practice can help bring solace and greater equanimity to our lives.

Third, as I’ve begun to learn more about my own family history going back several generations, I’ve come to appreciate how the trauma of the past can be passed down from generation to generation. By exploring our own families’ histories, we can recognize how that history might have impacted us, in both direct and indirect ways. Better understanding our family legacies can lead to profound healing. There is a growing body of literature on this topic. In this work, I act as a guide and companion to others as they too begin (or continue) the process of piecing together the puzzle pieces of their life story. This work is not therapy; rather, it entails a spiritual and creative exploration of how we each came to be who we uniquely are.

Fourth, I believe that healing can happen simply by connecting with others in more intimate and real ways. There are a variety of opportunities to gather together. See Offerings: https://rabbizariweiss.com/offerings/.

I work with individuals one-on-one, as well as with groups. To learn more about either or both, please contact me at RabbiZariWeiss@outlook.com or (206) 524-9274.